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In our lifes things seem to constantly change. News can be out of date within an hour. The phone you got a year ago is now considered oldschool. In a world like this it is essential to build constants that allow you to find balance within yourself. Meditation can be one of these things. It is a practice that you can come back to any time you like. You set the rules.

This tent changed my life. After only 5 minutes in complete darkness, my body begins a deep cleansing. My senses become extremely sharp, I start to tremble and sweat heavily. After a while a deep silence surrounds me, I relax and my mind and body become calm.


You will see things that you would never have seen with your eyes open.


I immediately felt a deep relief and great sense of calmness. After this experience I tried to search for the same effect by darkening my room or using a sleep mask. But I never managed to achieve complete darkness. There is just nothing else that works the way this tent does.


I prefer to use the tent in the evening just after sunset, after a long day in front of the screen or a busy meeting schedule. In the darkness I can best recharge my batteries and afterwards I fall into a deep, penetrating sleep.


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