5 reasons why you need re:cover in your life

1. Gain more energy

It's hard to escape our society's urge to grow. We, too, tend to always want more: more stuff to have, more things to do, more skills. And we want it all in an increasing pace. Sometimes we use more energy for that than we actually can offer. Then we achieve exactly the opposite of what we wanted. We feel tired, worn out and motivationless. A proven method to escape this vicious circle is meditation. It is absolutely essential to give ourselves breaks if we don't want to experience the same roller coaster ride over and over again. Even a few minutes of meditation a day can help us with that. Of course, we can't completely free ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Thus we can use the power of the complete darkness to come faster into a state of deep relaxation.


2. Your personal retreat right at home

With re:cover we introduce the first retreat that takes place directly at your home. Instead of driving a long way to expensive events and polluting the environment, you can use our tent on site at any time. Feeling like a vacation? How about dedicating a whole weekend to meditation - maybe even outside in nature. You can invite friends and take turns meditating in re:cover. Afterwards you can all share your unique experiences.


3. Calm your mind

Have I answered all my messages yet? What should I eat today? And at what time might I be able to squeeze in that dactor's appointment? So many questions and observations run through our heads at top speed every waking minute of the day. Not infrequently, we feel overwhelmed by them, as if by a huge wave. Not only our concentration suffers, but also our health. Meditation is probably the most effective method to dive back to the surface and catch our breath.


re:cover helps you to relax


4. Improve your health

We as modern people depend on artifical lights such as street lamps or the light emitted by our screens. While those sources of light are a great benefit for us as a species, as always there are two sides of the medal. The lack of complete darkness in everyday life hinders our melatonin production which is crucial for resetting of our bodies during sleep. By exposing ourselves to total darkness in re:cover we can help restore those levels which leads to better sleep and an overall better health.

For more information on this topic also read our article on how darkness can improve your quality of life


5. Support sustainable products

Our brand is committed to sustainability. We use only high quality and eco friendly materials. Furthermore re:cover is 100% handcrafted in Berlin. This way we avoid long production chains and unfair salaries. By buying one of our tents you will not only improve your own meditation practice but also help create a more aware and thoughtful society.