how darkness can improve your quality of life

Since the invention of electricity and electric light, the night has become steadily brighter. However, a growing amount of research shows that experiencing complete darkness is crucial to our well-being. Today, artificial light pollution obscures the night sky in many parts of the industrial world - which can lead to unforeseen consequences for the environment and human health. The increasingly rapid spread of artificial light has to do with population growth, an increase in nighttime work, and the widespread notion that more light in the streets will make cities safer. Our eyes, which have evolved the ability to see in low light conditions, rarely have the opportunity to use that ability.

Forty percent of Americans and Western Europeans never or rarely experience night vision. We are so under the influence of light that our eyes never switch between day and night vision. Even in normal indoor environments, it's hard to avoid the glow of streetlights, plus we look at brightly lit cell phone screens every day until we fall asleep. There is a growing medical consensus that all this artificial light is bad for our health. It disrupts our sleep patterns, confuses our circadian rhythms and inhibits our ability to produce melatonin. Melatonin is only produced in the dark, and scientists are finding that a lack of melatonin in our bloodstream is linked to an increased risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Doctors aren't saying that the light in your phone causes cancer, but they are increasingly recognizing the importance of darkness to our overall well-being. We evolved in light days and dark nights, just like all life on Earth, and we need both for optimal health.

However, another benefit of darkness takes place on a very personal level. This is especially true for people in the creative and agency industries, or people whose work requires a high level of concentration and thinking on a daily basis. Here darkness can be enormously useful for a creative timeout or idea generation. Do you know the feeling that the best ideas always come to you in the shower or before you fall asleep? Solitude, closed or dark rooms and silence can cause the brain to relax and make room for new thoughts. So even a moment of quiet in the dark can increase creativity and help generate unconventional new ideas. In addition, the absence of external stimuli in the dark can assist in decision-making or preparing new stages in work projects and even in life.
A longer stay in the darkness refreshes the senses and helps to sort out the daily stimuli and experiences in your mind.

With the development of our dark tent we have made it our responsibility to give you back a piece of rest and relief and to create a time-out from all the stimuli around you. Create a place of creativity and regeneration for yourself at home. Our experience has shown that the dark tent makes it much easier for you to reach a state of complete focus. Enter a level of deep meditation and relaxation in the shortest possible time, so that your head is free again for your next tasks.